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The beauty salon at La Mon Hotel & Country Club!

Life is intense, right? Stress plagues us. Work stalks us. Someone always needs something.

But not here.

Welcome to your stress-free sanctuary.

Each body is individual, and no skin is the same, so let Diana tailor a perfect experience for you.

Odessi Health & Beauty are proud to be the first salon to bring Weyergans innovations to Northern Ireland. We specialise in holistic, non-invasive body skin treatments and facials. Benefits include skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction and cellulite treatment to mention a few.

Weyergans High Care® AG is a worldwide company founded by medical sociologist Rudolf Weyergans in 1983 offering the latest in advanced, non-invasive cosmetic procedures. A combination of knowledge in science and technical excellence has allowed them to create machines and procedures that give immediate, visible results after just one treatment.

This is time for you.  Time to enrich your life, relax and energise, and more than anything, forget about the outside world and enjoy yourself a while.


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